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    Helping teams improve security, reliability and efficiency in the cloud.

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    We providing down to earth advice and best practice engineering.

    Security Consulting

    With a wealth of experience across AWS, Azure, IaaS and bare metal; from business-critical legacy systems to leading edge, cloud-native services I can help you secure your most valuable assets.

    Report Translation

    The missing link between security tester and developer

    You've just had a security consultancy do an external test, they've delivered you a report, but you'll be damned if you know what it means.

    I can help translate that report and ensure your team understand the issue and addresses the cause not the symptom.

    Want to get an external audit but not sure where to start? I can help you engage with some of the best consultancies in NZ and ensure you get the most out of the engagement.


    Security Automation

    Shift left on security by automating key security controls and giving developers feedback faster. Build guard rails to allow developers to deliver value faster, safer and with added confidence.

    Containers and Orchestration

    Whether you're just starting your container journey, not sure if you're getting the most out of your existing stack or want to make sure your Kubernetes cluster is ready for production - I can help!

    I can help your team understand the underlying technology, how to get the most out of it and ensure that your production stack will be secure and reliable.

    Training and Workshops

    Combining a passion sharing knowledge and a background in Youth Development and leadership training; I deliver fun, memorable training on a range of security topics that will keep participants engaged.

    From security fundamentals and OWASP top 10 to AWS and Azure bast practices, Dev(Sec)Ops and version control - I can tailor content to suit your team.

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